LASIK is a safe, reliable and painless way to improve vision and reduce or eliminate the need to wear glasses or contacts.

LASIK reshapes your cornea to improve your vision. It changes the way light is bent (or refracted) as it passes through the cornea so that light is focused properly on the retina.  

This surgery does not require stitches. Recovery occurs naturally. Many people have 20/20 vision or better shortly after surgery is over.

LASIK can correct …

  • Nearsightedness. You can see clearly up close, but objects in the distance are blurry.
  • Farsightedness. You can see distant objects clearly, but items close up, such as a book you are reading, are blurry.
  • Astigmatism. This occurs when the cornea’s shape is irregular. This causes images to look blurry.

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